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Who we are

The Aries Unique Games and Aries Retro Games are brands of Aries Studio Bt and Aries MicroVision Ltd in Hungary. Both companies are working together as family enterprises.

Our mission is to provide unique and high quality games and applications on our primary platforms.

We believe in the mobile platforms as the best devices to reach all the people around the world. Our primary goal is to create unique contents like games and applications to entertain our users. With several years behind in the game development industry we estabilished our first company in 2005, the Aries Studio Bt. In the first few years we focused on 3D technologies in non-common areas like real-time theatrical performances and later we introduced in television broadcasting. In the year 2011 we estabilished the Aries MicroVision Ltd as the game and database development branch.


We are working together with our partners to achieve a higher level of quality. Who they are...


17-08-2014: Aries Peg Solitaire game has been added.

19-05-2014: Website update! Orb Logix game has been added. Our facebook page is coming soon.

23-02-2014: Our new website has been launched targeted to the MWC 2014.