About the game

Creating magnetic monopols are impossible in the real world, but not in a game! With controlling two types of magnetic monopols the player has to clear the levels one-by-one. 

On each level the magnetic monopols are charged with energy. The player has to move them with his or her finger. Touching the screen generates an energy field. Based on the type of the magnetic monopol, the energy field can pull or push the ball. Moving the magnetic monopols into a free hole will drain the charged energy and makes the level safe.

It is very important to avoid any type of collision, because the charged magnetic monopol will explode. Furthermore, on some levels the target holes are hidden until the player does not collect all energy cells. These energy cells are small glowing objects around the levels.

This game is physic based, requires stamina and dexterity skills to play. Recommended to all ages from 3 to 99.


The following screenshots are from the Tizen version of the game. On other platforms they can have small differences.



This game is available on the following platform:

  • Tizen