The Magic Four

About the game

If you like logical games, you will love this one. The "Four-in-a-Row" game type is a world-wide well known game, that we present in a unique way with several interesting game modes and unlockable features.

It supports single-player game with several difficulty levels. It is recommended for younger kids on easy level, but do not underestimate the hard level! If you want to challenge a friend, the multi-player game mode is the perfect solution. And if you are good enough, there are 9 challenges to solve. Can you beat all of them?

Did we mention the animations and music of the game? Not yet? Well, the authentic music makes this game more fun, and the animations are dynamic, colorful and it makes this game so unique. And there is even a sweet ladybug under the game table.

This game requires good locigal skills to play. Recommended to all ages from 3 to 99.


The following screenshots are from the Tizen version of the game. On other platforms they can have small differences.



This game is available for the following platforms: