Orb Logix

About the game

Orb Logix is a special version of the classic, well-known "Color Lines" game. In itself it is a great logical game, but we put the quality higher and we created a "6 in 1" game to make a new standard in this game genre.

The goal of the classic game is to collect five or more identically colored orbs in a line horizontally, vertically or diagonally. When the player collects a line, the orbs will disappear and the player gets a "free" move.

The game starts with 3 orbs. The player has to select and move one orb to make a line. After every single move three new orbs will land on the table. If there are no more free place, the game will end.

The new game modes make this game more fun. You can discover bombs to explode orbs, dangerous radioactive orbs, joker orbs and more. If you complete all games modes, you will get a certification about your logical ability.

This game was made for everybody who loves the logical games, and recommended for casual and hardcore gamers, too.


The following screenshots are from the Windows Phone version of the game. On other platforms they can have small differences.



This game is supported on the following platforms:

  • Windows Phone - released
  • Tizen - under development