Word Magic

About the game

Meet the magical Persian world, feel the power of the music, and collect the words to gather more and more experience to be the Master of Words. 

In this very unique game the player has to collect experience points with collecting words on a table with 19 hexagonal tiles. Each single found word will give experience points. After the gauge fills up, the player can reach the next level. Later on the game, special experiments will appear to proove the player his or her efficiency.

The word database contains more than 40.000 english words to ensure the endless entertainment during the whole game. The beautiful graphics and particles make it significant in its category.

This game was made for everybody who loves the english language, the word games, and recommended for casual and hardcore gamers, too.


The following screenshots are from the Windows Phone version of the game. On other platforms they can have small differences.



This game is under development for the following platforms:

  • Windows Phone
  • Tizen